Mortagage Loan

A mortgage loan is a loan secured by real property through the use of a mortgage note which evidences the existence of the loan and the encumbrance of that realty through the granting of a mortgage which secures the loan. However, the word mortgage alone, in everyday usage, is most often used to mean mortgage loan.

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  • Mortgage loan from other banks can be taken over

Terms & Conditions


Salaried Employees / Professional, Self Employed & Other income tax assesses for last 3 years with a minimum gross annual income of Rs. 60000.

Age: Minimum 21 years

Income Criteria:

  • Salaried: 36 times of gross monthly income
  • Others: 5 times of average (last 3 years) annual income

Documents Required:

  • 1.Salaried:
    • Income proof (Form 16 along with salary certificate from the employer)

  • 2.Professional / Self-employed

    • a)    I.T. returns for past 3 years
    • b)    Latest income tax assessment order (for overdraft amount        of over Rs. 5 Lacs)
    • c)    Income certificate from appropriate revenue authority like        Tehsilldar/BDO/SDO (for agriculturist)
    • d)    Original title deeds of the property offered for mortgage
    • e)    Paid receipt of latest maintenance, water tax, municipal tax        and any such taxes.
    • f)    Non encumbrance letter from co-op society
    • g)    Permission to create Equitable Mortgage from society
    • h)    Last 6 months bank statements of main bank account

A home buyer or builder can obtain financing (a loan) either to purchase or secure against the property from a financial institution, such as a bank or credit union, either directly or indirectly through intermediaries. Features of mortgage loans such as the size of the loan, maturity of the loan, interest rate, method of paying off the loan, and other characteristics can vary considerably. The mortgage loan involves two separate documents the mortgage note (a promissory note) and the security interest evidenced by the "mortgage" document.

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