In simple English Insurance means a 'transfer of risk. It has been practiced in many forms and manner across the ages.

Life Insurance

Life insurance Policy is a contract between insured and the life insurance company (insurer) for the specified period of time (term) to protect your family against financial risk of your life to the extent of the life coverage (sum assured) by paying a cost (premium) to the life insurance company.

Life Insurance Corporarion of India

Life insurance is a must for the bread earner of the family, who has dependents. In case of an uncertain death of the bread earner it pays a lump sum amount to the nominee of the life insurance policy, so that the family can continue with the same standard of living even after losing him. Basically we can say life insurance covers the risk of death. Overview Life insurance can provide for two risks the risk of your dying early AND the risk of your living too long. It provides financial security to your family if you are not around anymore, depending on the type of life insurance policy you opt for. Different types have different premium levels and varying coverage.

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Star Health Insurance

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  • Star Health offers a wide variety of Health Insurance products designed to meet the needs of Family, Senior citizens and Individuals.

    Accident Insurance

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