About Us

ApnaLoan proposition for consumers are our comprehensive customized comparison quotes, which are rendered in simple, user-friendly and appealing manner.

Consumers save time as they get a one-stop shop for researching, comparing and buying online from or contacting the service providers for virtually all the products in the market. All the products in our full search results tables are displayed in a completely unbiased manner. We regularly update pricing and feature information of all products we cover to enable consumers to save money. In all categories, we offer the most comprehensive price comparisons and our research covers virtually all the products available in that category in India. All our efforts are directed towards enabling the consumer to take an informed decision.

Our Revenue

Our revenue comes mainly from referrals to various banks, housing finance companies and insurers (and their agents respectively) across the country. Advertisements on our site also contribute to our revenue stream. The compelling value proposition for our referral clients and advertisers is that they get access to consumers who have compared the products and services across various parameters and are ready to buy.To create an environment that will continuously spark innovation and maintain customer satisfaction, and which will prove irresistibly attractive to the best talent of the Insurance Sector.

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